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Handmade leather accessories „Made in Germany“.

Behind the label Evelyn Toomistu Design is graduate in Textile, Fashion and Leather Design (Estonian Academy of Art) and specialist in leather gloves, bags and accessories, Evelyn Toomistu, MA.

I was born in Estonia where cold winters are the norm, so it is no wonder I developed an interest in gloves. The practical aspect of warming your hands as well as meeting design requirements are the drive behind my accessories.

My designs do not depend on fast-moving high fashion, but on the season and the weather.


My philosophy is to create classic timeless designs and accessories which last and are wearable for more than just one season. I focus on the product rather then wasteful packaging which also enables me to price my products competitively. In this way we can contribute to a sustainable world.


Gloves should reflect the personality of the wearer, they should complement the rest of outfit as well as fulfilling functional requirements, such as:

  • covering dermatological conditions
  • protecting your hands from the environment
  • fulfilling ergonomic requirements

But they can also be a work of art with which to pamper your hands.



I am inspired by art, fashion history, the constrast between old and new. I look to architecture, in particular the industrial environment around me. I love to wander through building supplies stores.

Trend research is also important in developing new accessories.

Glove styles are always dependent on prevailing fashion trends, e.g. the shorter the sleeves of the dress, the longer the gloves! I select elements of high fashion e.g. embellishment and color, and incorporate them into my designs.

However, classic design and superior quality remain the basis of my design ethos, which means my gloves are wearable year after year.

In this way you can control your consumption and be part of sustainable world.



Since 2001 I have been working with leather. My gloves and accessories can be tailormade for every occasion.

You can find my showroom and studio in Frankfurt’s East-harbor, (Schwedlerstr. 1-5, room 6.12). There we can discuss design options, select leather or other materials in a pleasant atmosphere while sipping freshly brewed espresso.

For tailormade gloves I´ll measure your hands and advise you on color, material and design.

I make all my leather goods myself in traditional leather-craft. For larger orders I have European manufacturers who produce my leather goods without compromising the handmade quality I expect.


Driven by a passion for gloves and wishing to pass my knowledge to others I published my book about the history of gloves and how to make them, “Nahkinnaste valmistamine. Practical making of leather gloves” in 2011. The purpose of the handbook is to provide a concise practical tool for making leather gloves and to give an illustrated overview of the development of handwear. Thorough and detailed instructions, technical stages of work and pattern sheets for sewing leather gloves, are included for those who want to make well-fitting and original handwear by themselves.

I offer expert tuition in glovemaking for individuals or groups. For further information about forthcoming classes contact me info@evelyntoomistu.com.


The individual nature of leather makes each product unique and long-lasting. As a face has its wrinkles which say much about the person, so a hide tells us the story of the animal’s life.

I use different kind of leather for bags and gloves. Both raw materials are sourced within Germany and Europe (e.g. Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic).


For gloves to last it is important to take good care of them and store them properly. You can remove small stains with a damp cloth. For larger stains I recommend that you give the gloves to a specialist leather cleaner.

You can bring your well-loved accessories to me for refurbishment (recoloring, enameling the edges or making small repairs).