Practical making of leather gloves


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“Practical making of leather gloves”

The purpose of this handbook was to provide a concise practical tool for making leather gloves and to give an illustrated overview of the development of gloves in Europe and in Estonia, but first and fore-most in the cultural space of Germany, France and England. Thorough and detailed instructions, including technical stages of work and pattern sheets for sewing leather gloves, are intended for assistance for those who want to make well-fitting and original hand wear by themselves. All the more considering that everyone has different hand dimensions, but factorymade gloves are standardised and thus not suitable for everyone. One of many advantages of handmade leather gloves is their good fit and durability.Based on almost ten years of experience in the design and manufacture of leather gloves and considering the lack of Estonian literature on making leather gloves, the author set an objective to compile a handbook that could also be used as an inspiration for arts and crafts teachers in organising their courses and workshops. However, there is plenty of foreign literature on leather industry, leather glove industry and making of leather gloves available in the Leather Museum in Germany (Deutsches Schuh- und Ledermuseum Offenbach), on which this study mainly relies upon.Inside back cover of the book is in bucket pattern sheets.

Publisher: Elmatar
Language: english+estonian
Published: April 2011
Hardcover: 190 Pages
Size: 175 x 245
ISBN: 9789949435791
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